Marie (moropus) wrote in hotflashes,

When should I take black cohosh? All the time or what?

I just had a complete physical, complete with gyn discussions. He said I'm pre-menopausal. And proud and happy, BTW. I refused all chemical assistance. I'm aleady taking Effexor and something I can't recall for panic attacks and testing various anti-inflammatories because I have bad knees. IMHO, it's not too great to be part of an experiment, they don't really know what they are doing and this is not an illness.

I take Black Cohosh sometimes. I don't know if I should take it everyday, only when I feel hormonally unbalanced, or what? I'm open to other natural items.

Not to gross people out too much, but the hormonal rollercoaster ride includes hormones dropping so fast I get mentally confused and somedays I have periods so fast and furious I need to change disposable pads every hour. And talk about cranky! Today, I was wondering about quitting my job. I love my job. I'm just hormonal. I keep a spare change of pjs next to the bed for hot flashes and sweating. I'm lucky, I only get them at night. Sometimes I feel perfectly fine. Sometimes, I'm depressed, ranty, sick to my stomach, no energy, cranky, and no memory whatsoever. Last year I quit smoking and I have cut way back on caffiene. Those were the 2 things keeping me energized. Now I'm a zombie.

Still I refuse artificial hormones becasue I had many problems with BCPs giving me morning sickness, and I don't think enough research has been done to prove they are safe or effective.
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