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IMPORTANT INFO! Live Journal's answer to their more mature members

I hope this post will be considered "on topic" -- but I am x-posting this entry to all my communities, of which I'm a member, which target those "over 25" (or more...!). Please feel free to delete if you feel I'm not appropriate...

There have been some rumors which have been circulating around Live Journal about a new journal type Six Apart (the parent company) is initiating, called "Vox". I, personally have read them in fortysomething. It was insinuated that the idea for that site was to guide us "more mature" members over there, leaving Live Journal for the younger set. There have been comments -- and rumors -- that the executives at Six Apart were trying to make Live Journal more like a "MySpace" to appeal to the teenagers and 20somethings.

It may be more hype or rumor, than reality, but better to be safe than sorry!

Well -- here is Live Journal's answer to these rumors:


And let me quote here from a portion of that entry, as well:

Another point of confusion came from some wording on the Six Apart website, which states that "LiveJournal has grown to be an amazing community of fiercely independent bloggers, primarily teenagers and twenty-somethings." We know the first part is true, but some people are questioning the second part. Though a few different sources confirm that the largest group of LJ users falls into the ages of around 18-24, a lot of LJ users feel that description just doesn't describe LJ's diverse community. We want you to know that we've heard your concerns, and now we're challenging you to help us make our statistics more accurate. The way you can do this is by following this meme that you might have already seen:

Go to the profile page and specify your full date of birth, including your year of birth. If you don't want everyone to see how old you are, make sure the box that says "show your birthday to other users" is unchecked. The important thing is to get yourself into the database. Then tell your friends about it, and ask them to do it too.

Finally, we want to reiterate that LiveJournal is a place where you can be yourself. We welcome users of all ages, with all interests, and we know that LJ's unique and diverse community is what makes it special. All of us on the staff have made friends on LJ who are totally different from us, live in different countries, have different points of view, and we wouldn't have it any other way. Our intention as we make changes to the site is to make LJ a better place so our current users and new users will want to use it. Sometimes we'll make mistakes, but we'll try our best to fix them. It stings when y'all yell at us, but we love that you're passionate about how you feel. :)

Ok -- put your birthday year on your user info page and BE COUNTED!
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