agathasilver (agathasilver) wrote in hotflashes,

New Person here!

I just found the group today and I must confess I was out looking for a few others who may not think I'm going nuts!

I'm 53, never had problems with being biologically female. My periods were regular; never had cramps or any of the other ills inflicting my peers. Heck, my pregnancy was so hum-drum the only way I knew I was pregnant was my stomach was getting bigger and someone kicked in there on occasion! No periods of course but nothing else.

Menopause is almost another story altogether. No, I don't have or haven't had nay hot flashes. Over the past year I've had maybe three periods. The year before that I missed three and actually found myself having a indepth discussion with my boyfriend about how he felt about supporting a child on Social Security. No worries. . .my body soon proved that I wasn't pregnant. By the by, he was quite willing.

But other things are bouncing in. Right now I could sit down and weep almost entirely without reason. My supervisor keeps asking me what happened. . .why didn't I do such and such? I can't answer him. If I could remember why I didn't do such and such I probably would have simply done it in the first place? I manage to hold things together (more or less) while I'm at work but when I get home I get either paralyzed by fears/worries or depressed to the point I don't do anything at home at all! I'm almost afraid to make decisions from time to time. To echo some of the posts here: That's not me at all!

Sorry for being so verbiose. I am naturally but this is a little beyond the pale. It's nice to know I'm not nuts. . .now I want to learn how to make it stop! I want me back.. .bet that sounds familiar, too.
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