velvetink (velvetink) wrote in hotflashes,

hot flashes

What is the quickest most effective way to get rid of hot flashes? I could be perimenopause but not sure. I had Ross River Virus at the beginning of 2005 {mosquito borne} & you get fevers like malaria. However it calmed down around September & I thought it was over. Then Oct & Nov I missed both periods. {highly Unusual for me as I have endometrosis although I have had a lot of other stress going on whcih might account for it}. Then I had a period in December. Waiting for the next one. Two weeks ago fevers or what I am now thinking might be hot flashes started again. They are whole body {legs, feet etc not jsut upper torso as many menopause people mention} and come and go sometimes many times an hour and Im drenched in sweat.(as I was with the ross river virus}. So Im confused as to whether the Ross River is reoccuring again {it can apparently} or I am going into perimenopause. In any case I've just turned 50 and in the right age I guess. So wanting to know which is the most fast/effective way to be rid of hot flashes because I just can't stand it.
Thanks & sorry for the whinge tone, I just read somewhere it might last 4-15 years, and I just can't see myself living through that. I'd rather have my endo pain back again.
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