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hot flashes

What is the quickest most effective way to get rid of hot flashes? I could be perimenopause but not sure. I had Ross River Virus at the beginning of 2005 {mosquito borne} & you get fevers like malaria. However it calmed down around September & I thought it was over. Then Oct & Nov I missed both periods. {highly Unusual for me as I have endometrosis although I have had a lot of other stress going on whcih might account for it}. Then I had a period in December. Waiting for the next one. Two weeks ago fevers or what I am now thinking might be hot flashes started again. They are whole body {legs, feet etc not jsut upper torso as many menopause people mention} and come and go sometimes many times an hour and Im drenched in sweat.(as I was with the ross river virus}. So Im confused as to whether the Ross River is reoccuring again {it can apparently} or I am going into perimenopause. In any case I've just turned 50 and in the right age I guess. So wanting to know which is the most fast/effective way to be rid of hot flashes because I just can't stand it.
Thanks & sorry for the whinge tone, I just read somewhere it might last 4-15 years, and I just can't see myself living through that. I'd rather have my endo pain back again.
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The only way I control them is opening the front door when it is below zero, and I am burning up..And stripping. I also sleep with a fan blowing on me all the time at night.

Um I have tried alot of things..the one thing I haven't tried though is vitamin E..and that is next.

But you might want to see if that virus you had turned into Lupus, as that is also a malarial type of illness..and has similiar symptoms..if that is the case..then you need to see a Rhuematologist. Good luck.
Thanks, I had some blood tests done. Find out on Friday. The fan helps a little. Not so great it's summer and hot and humid as well. Perhaps if it were snowing I could handle it better. heh. I'm dubious about herbal things working very well, but willing to try for a while {if it is the change that is). The way it's interferring with my brain - can't concentrate, basically only can think about not sweating etc, that makes me think it is menopause and not anything else. and thinking I wont be able to stand this if it keeps up and will beg for HRT jsut to be able to function.
yep, it could be menopause but you need to get some blood work done to be certain. your doctor should test your hormone levels on day 3 of your next cycle (FSH, LH and estrogen).

I've heard that deep breathing helps with hot flashes or anti-depressants. But cold temps are the most immediate relief.
Heh, yes being nearly naked in front of the fan helps a bit - but I can't go out like that.

Thanks, I went & got some blood tests. Results on Friday.
I found that progeserone cream from the health food store helps with many symptoms, even some hot flashes. Also when I'm not having sex I have much less but too high a price just to avoid hot flashes.
Sorry to take a whle to get back to you, thanks, the cream wouldn't have been strong enough my symptoms were really severe, I was getting arrythmia so bad it felt like a heart attack...anyways upshot is they have put me on HRT and betablockers, which has helped quit dramatically, although it did take 2 weeks for it all to kick in.