Gita Enders (genders) wrote in hotflashes,
Gita Enders


Hi. I'm Gita, I'm 47 years old, and my gynaecologist informed me that I'm entering menopause. He based this diagnosis on the presence of cytolytic vaginosis and the beginning of atrophic vaginitis, combined with a certain irregularity of my periods. The treatment of choice for the vaginosis is the baking soda douche, made of common household materials, although, trying to find an oldskool douchebag in the world of Summer's Eve was a little frustrating. Treatment for the atrophy, however, is the new and costly VagiFem, a form of insertable estradiol. This treatment is said to have fewer side effects and less risk of cancer than traditional hormone replacement therapy. He also has me washing daily with Nizoral, which in generic form is pretty cheap but nonetheless lacks a certain convenience factor.

Now, I like my vagina as much as the next person, but does this seem like overkill to anyone else? Has anyone had these diagnoses or treatments? If so, how long do you have to do all this before you pass into some postmenopausal universe in which the organ can once again be largely ignored, as it has been lo these 47 years?

Adding to the complications is that I have bipolar disorder, so anything to do with my hormonal balance basically whacks me out. And just how long does this persist, either.

I've had white hair since I was 30, and thought I was adjusted to being a crone. Hrmph.
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