Sylvia Greeney Morris (sly_redux) wrote in hotflashes,
Sylvia Greeney Morris

So, who's up for a good cause?

Cross-posted, with minor variations, pretty much everywhere.

I apologize if this is inappropriate for the community. I'm hoping you won't feel that way.

On May 21st, I will be participating in the annual AIDS Walk for the Minnesota AIDS Project. In past years, we've raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for treatment, support services, education and prevention, and I'm so proud to be part of something that's doing so much good.

I started walking for AIDS in the mid-nineties, when I still lived in upstate New York. At the time, I worked for an OB. Seeing the devastation that positive HIV diagnoses wrought in the lives of young mothers and their families was enough to convince me that there is no set target demographic for this horror. Everyone is at risk. Everyone needs to pay attention. Everyone needs to care.

My children are young adults. I know that they are sexually active. Are they safe? I hope so. But one slip-up, just one, is enough to kill them someday, and my grandchildren too. This is real to me. And if walking ten kilometers will help to educate people about prevention, if being stiff and sore for a few days will generate the money to help those people already affected, then by every god in every pantheon ever conceived of, I'll do this year after year until I'm in a wheelchair, and then I'll still find someone to help me by pushing me along.

I'm hoping we kill this beast before then.

I will need the help of every caring soul I can find. Please find it in your hearts to visit my site and support my Walk, and if you'd like to link to my page or to this post, I would be deeply grateful. No fancy HTML, because I want to make cutting and pasting easy for you. To go to my page and be a part of this with me, click below. And thank you.
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